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DOCA+ Summary 

HIPS DOCA+ has got a proven 10 years record of running within the real hospital environment. Specifically designed and developed for use by medical staff, with friendly and intuitive GUI, DOCA+ offers WYSIWYG approach to capturing clinical data at the point of service, fully eliminates the need of using clerical staff for data entry.

The recent Web-based implementation further reduces the cost of the system and eases its deployment. Patient clinical history (PATCH) is maintained as computer-based information store, in a paperless way, can be printed out at any time and signed off by clinicians and supervisors according to legal requirements. Security access and confidentiality of data are preserved. Well-formalized PATCH document templates cover the needs of various hospital departments, save valuable time in filling-in the forms and contributes to the quality and consistency of data.

System is working on-line with various hospital labs to maintain test and examination results, includes Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) subsystem and a number of built-in validation rules to support and control doctors actions and treatment plans. Due to HIPS becoming a vital partner for medical staff and hospital management, the local community benefits from shorten lengths of hospital stay and the improvement in quality of care and patients safety.

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