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Users speak out 

Dr Alexander Mankov, Clinical director and surgeon, Cental rural hospital, German nationals administrative district, Altai Territory, DOCA in use for 5 years.

"User interface and navigation in DOCA are very simple and intuitive. Various templates, multi-choice selections help tremendously with the data entry. As a surgeon I'm particularly happy with the templates of surgical operations that not just save surgeons time in filling-in surgery reports but also contribute to the quality of clinical documentation. Not least to outline the value of pre-surgical summary generated by DOCA within just a few seconds. It automatically includes all the clinical data being collected by DOCA during this admission and certainly helps a surgical team get better prepared to the surgery.

Clinical archive of patient histories is a valuable consequence of DOCA business. You can emerge any Patient history almost immediately and for various purposes, just the often to mention - analysis and review of the previous episodes of care, routine printing of the documents (copies) and issuing reference letters on request.

Finally - the quality and efficiency of making discharge documents. DOCA automatically gather all the required information into discharge papers and produce it really fast. That is not only a speed we value but the completeness and the "emphasis to the details" as well that contribute to the continuity of care providing by GPs and out-patient clinics."

Dr Boris Usov, Clinical director, Central rural hospital, Chulym town, Novosibirsk region, DOCA in use for 8 years.

"DOCA is a great and powerful technology that makes the maintenance of the clinical documentation more efficient and much easier than with a paper-based Patient history. The large number of various templates (initial examination, surgical operations and procedures, clinical notes, etc.) help significantly to improve the quality of the clinical documentation and at the same time speed it up by two times. The nurses benefit from getting an access to up-to-date Patients' medication lists, where the changes to the medication (usually daily reviewed) and some urgent requirements are highlighted.

We run DOCA within the hospital network and some essential benefits are coming out of it. The consultants visiting hospital wards can access the required Patient histories straight away and fulfill the consultation notes without taking any handwritten notes. Hospital clinical management is able to check and verify any Patient history from their DOCA stations and communicate with medical specialists in the wards using DOCA alert/notes interfaces.

We heavily rely on DOCA and the budget money being invested into a computer-based Patient history and clinical documentation have been paid off many years ago."

Dr Sergei Yugov, Head of Surgery, Central rural hospital, Karacuk town, Novosibirsk region, DOCA in use for 10 years.

"We run DOCA from 1993 started from Surgery department and then gradually expanded into network architecture that covers all the hospitals departments. In 1993 it was not obvious that computer-based technology of maintaining Medical records is the way to go, but now looking backwards and analyzing the outcomes, we are really satisfied with the decisions being made and results being achieved. We are using DOCA as a genuine paperless technology - the Patient history is stored and maintained within DOCA until the day of discharge when it's fully printed out and signed off by the doctor in charge and Head of department due to the legal requirements.

DOCA significantly save time on daily maintenance of Patient history due to the various notes templates (patterns) physicians can design for themselves and the ability to edit clinical notes using the previous date notes as a prototype.

There are many benefits of using DOCA. Here I would like to mention those that are required on daily (or regular) basis and valued by every physician and every head of department due to the efficiency and accuracy. I mean, a seamless access to the electronic archive of Patient histories and the fast generation of various summary documents and performance reports."

Survey 2000 - "DOCA in your hospital and in your business"

The survey took place in 2000 among the physicians using DOCA technology as to get some statistically proven outcomes and feedback from anonymous DOCA users. They represent 14 urban and rural hospitals from 3 regions (Novosibirsk, Tumen regions and Altai Territory). More than 200 survey forms have been filled out and returned. Those hospitals are running DOCA for 3.5 years in average. 99% of doctors conducted the survey agree that DOCA technology is helpful and beneficial to their daily activities and they don't want going back to a paper-based Patient history. They also outline the following DOCA features as the most significant in their daily business: an easy access to Patient history electronic archive; a time-efficient way of generating various documents (order forms, reference letters, discharge papers, etc.); various well-formalized templates used to fill-in the clinical documents within Patient history, etc.

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