Большая Золотая медаль системы ДОКА+ на выставке МЕДСИБ 2011г.  Лучшая медицинская информационная система 2011.  Свидетельство о регистрации ДОКИ+ в Реестре ФТИС
Project mission 
  Proving that HIPS technology, in general, and DOCA+ implementation in particular, are absolutely necessary for hospital in-patient departments as the tool and partner to:
  • improve the quality of care
  • contribute to the patients safety
  • help to effectively manage and control budget and hospital resources.
  Using HIPS DOCA+ as a pivotal tool to study and use information technologies in Healthcare by medical students and physicians.
  Making DOCA+ a commercial product with a high level of customization that match the requirements of various hospitals departments and perform relevant management tasks with the core function being the recording and maintaining of in-Patient clinical history.
  Creating an infrastructure for promotion, sale and DOCA+ support.
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