Большая Золотая медаль системы ДОКА+ на выставке МЕДСИБ 2011г.  Лучшая медицинская информационная система 2011.  Свидетельство о регистрации ДОКИ+ в Реестре ФТИС
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Professor Alexander Smagin is on friendly terms with DOCA+. 10 years with DOCA and 5 years with Internet speak for itself! Some of his bright ideas are already implemented in DOCA+, many more - to follow.
Head of Gynaecology Department Dr Tatiana Ovsyannikova feels comfortable adapting Intranet-based DOCA+. She is confident that a paperless approach in maintaining Clinical documentation will be widely accepted in Healthcare within next 5-10 years.
This is the main building of Hospital "Medsanchast-168". It looks nice any time of the year.
Clinical director Dr Vadim Mironov is looking forward to moving to DOCA+, which is scheduled for year 2004. However he has already got an access to DOCA+ electronic archive of Patient histories. This is a result of early migration of DOCA patient archive into a new system.
Head of General Medicine Dr Olga Gilinsky knows and uses DOCA for many years. Her clinic is going to start DOCA+ early next year.
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