Большая Золотая медаль системы ДОКА+ на выставке МЕДСИБ 2011г.  Лучшая медицинская информационная система 2011.  Свидетельство о регистрации ДОКИ+ в Реестре ФТИС

We are focusing now on creating a fair customer base in the market with our Web-based system DOCA+.

We are open to cooperation and are keen to link up with the teams of developers that may contribute to the project expansion, both functionally and geographically.

In a medium to long term we would like to enhance the system by moving into a fairly sophisticated area of clinical decision support with the elements of self-learning.

We fully realise that the system will never replace the doctors in making the final decision and taking the responsibility.

We believe that the professional medical community may accept HIPS technology that provides the clinical decision support features together with pre-built knowledge base or with the knowledge developed as we go.

We value this direction as the way to further

  • reduce the risk of human errors within the episodes of care
  • improve the quality of care
  • reduce its cost
to the mutual benefit of hospital staff and management and the local community.

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